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Pain and Panic Disneybound

July 12, 2024

What are thoosee?? Pain and Panic take over Disneyland Paris, wearing HIS MERCH!

MagiCon - Conducting LEDgendary Creativity

June 23, 2024

Making custom PCBs for your cospaly.

Proto-Pasta & STEM Charity Events

July 25, 2023

3D Printers, LEGO, friends, food and a great community!

Tales of My Heart: Reboot

May 20, 2023

I've been having a bit of a cardiac adventure lately, and I thought I'd take a moment to share the story. I’m having heart surgery at the end of May.

Scholarship Applications for Girls in STEM for 2023-2024 are OPEN!

April 29, 2023

Apply by June 1, 2023 through the National Videogame Musuem.

TechFashion Design Challenge 2023

April 28, 2023

We are excited to call upon the global couture design community to enter Hackster’s first-ever tech-fashion-themed contest, inspired and co-created with Art by Physicist. In this challenge, not only will you get to win an opportunity to work with exciting emerging wearable tech elements to promote the integration of solar energy into textiles, but you will also join a collective cohort as part of a "made-to-order" crowdfunding campaign to bring your design to market.

ECCC Advanced 3D Printing for Props and Cosplay

March 4, 2023

3D printing is an incredible tool in the cosplay toolbox, and it is even more powerful than you can possibly imagine! Do you want to print dragon scales directly onto fabric? Embed electronics or lights directly into your print? Create moving parts and easy to disassemble props? Join 3D Printing experts Sophy Wong, AmieDD, and Rocket Props to learn advanced 3D printing techniques to level up your 3D printing and Cosplay! We will be reviewing a number of advanced techniques, processes, tools, and hardware that will help you in your journey to be able to create anything you can imagine!

Documentary: Meet the biohacker living with cyborg upgrades

October 29, 2022

She's a biohacker with three microchip implants. Brut filmmaker Jessey Dearing met Amie Dansby as she gets a new one installed.

General Sweet Mayhem Cosplay

August 22, 2022

Progress for General Sweet Mayhem cosplay for Dragon Con 2022.

Cosplay: A History Book is Out Now

June 29, 2022

Cosplay: A History by Andrew Liptik

Running Linux Game Servers on Kubernetes

March 23, 2022

Game Developer Conference 2022 Attend a demonstration of deploying and operating game servers on Kubernetes. Learn about game server multiplayer architecture and how to use Thundernetes, an open source project from Azure and Xbox, to deploy game servers on Linux Kubernetes clusters and manage and monitor the game server lifecycle.

Some friends and I made smelly 3dprinting filament at Proto Pasta

January 31, 2022

3D Printing Nerd and friends when to Proto-Pasta to make scent 3D Printing filaments!

LEGO Holiday Wonderland

December 25, 2021

The 4 elves help raise the cheer meter in this LEGO Holiday Wonderland.

Holiday Hack 2021

December 23, 2021

Join us for a holiday hack with Adafruit and

3D Printed Halo Needler

November 15, 2021

It's been 20 years since the first Xbox release with Halo.

thundernetes Allows You to Run Your Linux Game Servers on Your Kubernetes Cluster

November 12, 2021

Thundernetes is an preview project from the Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers (MPS) team that enables you to run Linux game servers that use the PlayFab Game Server SDK (GSDK) on your Kubernetes cluster. Thundernetes can be useful while developing your game server in the following scenarios:

Women In Gaming Open World Dialogue - Avoiding Burn Out

November 10, 2021

Check out the amazing panel with @amiedoubleD, Tanya Watson and Dr. Sarah Hays where we talk about metal health, setting boundaries, surviving Mariah Carey and avoiding burnout or on the merits of getting a dog!

HACKNOMANCER collab Halloween is out on AudioJack

October 26, 2021

My latest collab project! A story using only audio! What adventure did you imagine when listened to this Halloween episode? HACKNOMANCER is out on the AudioJack app! I had an amazing time recording sounds with LEGO bricks, solder sucker, multimeter, my dog snoring & more. Audiojack is an audio based movie. No words, no music, not video, just sounds. Close your eyes and listen to Hacknomancer and use your imagination.

Nominated for The Game HERs Awards for Best Charitable Drive

September 14, 2021

Beyond excited to be nominated for The Game HERs Awards for Best Charitable Drive for my scholarship program for Girls in STEM through the National Videogame Museum.

LEGO How To Train Your Dragon Helmet

June 7, 2021

164,957 LEGO bricks to design Hiccup's helmet from How to Train Your Dragon.

Tinkering Belles Podcast with Mythbuster Tamara Robertson

April 18, 2021

Do you love Lego, Cosplay and general Maker Shop Talk? If so, join Tamara Robertson (Mythbusters, Seekers of Science) as she kicks off with a Tech Talk about Lego Bricks then sits down with Maker, Hacker, Cosplayer, and Lego Extraordinaire Amie Dansby. Topics they cover include (but are surely not limited to): - Sports Bras and Table Saws- CNCs - West World- Lasers - All Dogs go to Heaven- Leatherwork- Solder Suckers (its a real thing)- Body Mods- Cosplay- Tigers (before Tiger King was a thing)- Top Shop Tools- Nsync and Justin Timberlake- Superhero Science and why Tony Stark became Iron Man- Jurassic Park... and so much moreThis is the inaugural episode of Tinkering Belles and you're surely not going to want to miss it!So join in on Tamara's adventure as a Maker as she works to amplify the BAMF Females Behind the Builds one interview at a time!

Code Your Own LEGO® Microgame using Unity

February 13, 2021

LEGO® Microgame For anyone who’s ever loved building with LEGO® bricks, the LEGO® Microgame is the perfect place to start your Unity journey. Use these Creative Mods to build on the project and create your own custom experience, while learning the basics of Unity. Viewing from the Learn tab in the Unity Hub? Select Download Project > Open Project to automatically open it in Unity. Viewing from the Unity Learn website? Simply go to the Learn tab in the Unity Hub and search for this Microgame.

Building LEGO Holiday Gifts

December 25, 2020

Build with love this holiday season using classic LEGO bricks!

Black Friday LEGO Showcase November 27th

November 25, 2020

It’s the LEGO Black Friday Showcase! Check out the brand new LEGO Colosseum in never-before-seen detail, look back at the best LEGO sets from 2020, and get a sneak peek at a 2021 set! It’s the perfect way to enjoy Black Friday from home!

LEGO Masters 28 LEGO Gift Ideas for the Holidays

November 22, 2020

A few of AmieDD from LEGO Masters favorite LEGO sets to help you start you wish list this holiday!

LEGO Black Friday Free Gift with Purchase Charles Dickens Tribute

November 13, 2020

LEGO Black Friday 2020 free gift with purchase Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

Proto-Pasta Virtual Shop Tour - How 3D Printing Filament is Made

November 9, 2020

Last weekend(October 11, 2020) we did a live shop tour for VERRF 2020 at the Proto-Pasta plant to show the process of how 3D Printing filament is made.

LEGO Masters Audition Tips

November 1, 2020

Want to audition for the new season of LEGO Masters? These are some of my experiences during the casting process for LEGO Masters Season 1 on Fox.

The Internet of Bodies

October 29, 2020

One bodyhacker removed the RFID microchip from her car’s key fob and had it implanted in her arm.

ADDVulcan Satellite Hacking Virtual Machine

August 24, 2020

Space Security — When starting out learning something new, you go through the discovery phase researching, discovering applications and part procurement can be one of the most time consuming task when learning something new. The ADDVulcan satellite hacking team wanted to make the tools, applications and research for satellite hacking open to everyone.

Dansby Scholarship for Girls in STEM

August 23, 2020

“Philanthropy is about giving, donating your time, money, experience, knowledge, skills, or talent to better the world. I give because even when I feel like it’s not a lot, I’m reminded that it’s enough and that I still have something to give that can impact and change the future of just one girl. Regardless of your status or net worth anyone can be a philanthropist. I wish my legacy to be impactful in a way that my work and projects I share inspire or move people to change something in their lives or to be moved to make something magical that inspires and helps others. I may not be able to change the world, but I can try to inspire enough people to remind them that they are worth pursuing knowledge.” - Amie Dansby

Pink Star Fleet Uniforms with LEGO Rank Pins

August 13, 2020

To boldly go where no Star Fleet uniform or LEGO has gone before.

DEF CON Hackers Compete to Hijack a Satellite in Orbit

August 10, 2020

Hacking satellites to “secure the final cyberfrontier.” By B. DAVID ZARLEY 10 Aug, 2020 07:00 PM

LEGO Masters 2020 Emmy Nominations

July 28, 2020

The 72nd Emmy Awards Nominations included LEGO Masters

LEGO Masters for Your Emmy Consideration

July 11, 2020

LEGO Masters is up for Emmy awards consideration!

FOX At Home with LEGO Masters' Amie

July 3, 2020

Bring your creations to LIFE. 🔥 Stay #AtHomeWith Amie as she teaches you all things movement! Binge #LEGOMastersFOX anytime during #FOXSummerStreams

LEGO Sigfig for LEGO Masters

June 10, 2020

Thank you LEGO for making me a sigfig for LEGO Masters Season 1

‘LEGO Masters’ star and Dallas software engineer Amie Dansby aims to smash STEM stereotypes

June 5, 2020

Fresh off a stint on Fox’s hit TV competition series LEGO Masters, Dansby is using her surging platform as a passionate technologist to smash stereotypes and encourage young women to build their dreams through STEM education.

Form Labs Office Hours: In Conversation with Amie Danielle Dansby

June 1, 2020

Form Labs 3D Printing company will have a Q&A with Amie DD on June 4, 2020.

NEW! LEGO Shadow Box on My Etsy Shop!

May 22, 2020

Tech to the future! Made with lasers, and filled with LEGO bricks!!

Autodesk Fusion360 Electronics Live Chat

May 18, 2020

Chatting with Autodesk Fusion 360 live on Instagram about the new Fusion 360 Electronics workflow.

Scholarship for Girls in STEM 2020

May 12, 2020

I started and fund a scholarship at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX for girls in the US going to college for STEM. Applications have been extended to June 1, 2020. Apply now!

Revenge of the Sith - Light-Up PCB Necklace

May 5, 2020

Sorry jedi, today is May the 5th and it's the revenge of the Sith. I made a quick PCB light-up necklace on Bantam Tools desktop machine and GlowForge Pro laser cutter.

Creating Charts in Google Colab

April 12, 2020

Google Colaboratory is great for research. It's a cloud based notebook, and a great way to visualize data in charts for your Google Colab notebooks. You can easily use chart tools with Python import libraries.

LEGO Dots Light-Up Cosplay Belt

April 6, 2020

LEGO #LetsBuildTogether explore, build and share your LEGO creations. Using the new LEGO Dots line and some LEDs you can make a simple LEGO wearable cosplay!

Behind the Build: Storybook Challenge LEGO Masters

March 27, 2020

LEGO Masters Episode 7 Aaron and Christian's build had a Toy Tributes. The assortment of toys in their build paid homage to the past work of our fellow LEGO Masters teams. We designed a different toy for each of the ten original teams. These ten micro-builds referenced ten signature models from previous episodes of the show.

Bantam Tools Laser Cut Cyberpunk Window

March 20, 2020

I gave my desktop mill window a cyberpunk upgrade, in pink of course!

LEGO Custom Commission Request

March 18, 2020

Own a magical LEGO piece designed by a LEGO Master.

Time Traveler from the Failed LEGO Future

March 6, 2020

If you don’t expect to be wrong, you won’t come up with anything creative. It’s not failure, it’s a creative iterative process.

Hanselminutes Podcast: The Joy of making with LEGO Master and Cosplaying Engineer Amie DD

March 5, 2020

Show #726 Amie is a maker of things. Her background is in Game Programming and Simulation and she started her career at Marvel Studios, working on Captain America and X-Men Destiny. She later transitioned to Research and Development for development work on the Xbox and Playstation. She also plays with LEGO and was recently on FOX's LEGO Masters show. She is also an active 3D printer and cosplayer. She talks to Scott about all she pulls all this cross disciplinary knowledge into a life fueled with enthusiasm and making things!

Ask Me Anything

February 25, 2020

With LEGO Masters airing on Fox, our show has become one the top shows in the US with over 8 million viewer each episode(it's still so surreal). I figured it was time to do a ask me anything Q&A for all the new followers and fans! Ask me anything.

Amie & Krystle LEGO Masters Episode 3 Recap

February 21, 2020

Amie & Krystle's recap from LEGO Masters Episode 3: Cut in Half Challenge while wearing cosplay.

LEGO Masters Episode 3 dress - Blood of my Enemies

February 19, 2020

I 3D Printed the pieces for my dress I wore on LEGO Masters Episode 3 with my Proto-Pasta filament color "Blood of My Enemies".

Hack the Future - Animated Portrait by Rob Shields

February 19, 2020

Self rescuing, chip implanting, LEGO minifig head earrings, neon cybernetic life run off tech, code, LEGO, curiosity, hardware and obsessions. // Hello earthlings, this is my normal.

Amie & Krystle LEGO Masters Fox Episode 2 Recap

February 15, 2020

LEGO Masters Fox episode 2 recap for Amie and Krystle's Plant "Vulcania" build that got smash and destroyed in the most glorious way!

LEGO Masters Episode 2 Space Smash Planet Vulcania

February 13, 2020

Amie and Krystle's build from LEGO Masters episode 2 Planet Vulcania. A play off the Star Trek Vulcan planet.

LEGO Masters Amie's 3D Printed LEGO Dress from Episode 1

February 10, 2020

How I made my dress that I wore on episode one on LEGO Masters Fox.


January 29, 2020

Unbricking believable, LEGO Masters Fox is 1 week away!

LEGO Masters Amie and Krystle Team Unicorn PR Request

January 16, 2020

PR, event and Interview requests for Amie and Krystle for LEGO Masters Fox

Bricks LA 2020

January 11, 2020

Bricks LA LEGO adventures in Pasadena, CA from this past weekend!

LEGO Masters on Fox February 5th, 2020

December 23, 2019

It's been so hard to not share this amazing experience with everyone over the past few months, but now I can!! I've been out in LA filming LEGO Masters for the past 2 months!! LEGO Masters premiers on February 5th, 2020 on Fox after the Masked Singer. #LEGOMastersFox #LEGO #amiedd

Blood of My Enemies Proto-Pasta 3D Printing Filament is for Sale

September 5, 2019

10% of each purchase supports Amie's National Video Game Museum Scholarship for women pursuing education in tech!An original, one-of-a-kind Proto-pasta HTPLA filament colorA deep, blood red in a translucent base with no additional textureTranslucent base for varied appearance based on wall thickness

AS YOU WISH! Tesla Model 3 Chip Implant - IT WORKS!

September 3, 2019

AS YOU WISH! Tesla Model 3 Chip Implant is working!! I was at DefCon when I posted the last video of me getting my chip implant. Here is a 2 week follow up!!

DefCon27 I Want to Believe badges for sale on Tindie and Etsy

August 20, 2019

If you weren't able to grab one of my DefCon27 badge from me at DefCon I put them up for sale on Etsy and Tindie.

Tesla chip implant was a success!!

August 2, 2019

My year long Tesla Model 3 bio implant hack project has been a awesome journey!

I Want to Believe - DefCon27 Badges $5

July 30, 2019

DC27 "I want to believe" badges, can you find all the easter eggs?

Dangerous Things xG3 is the World's First Injectable Biomagnet

May 23, 2019

The xG3 is the world's first injectable biomagnet that is also clinically sterile! Get yours today at

Keynote at FullStack NYC this week May 16th &17th

May 13, 2019

FullStack NYC is sold out this week!!! My opening Keynote for the conference is May 16th! FullStack 2019 conference launches in New York City for its first edition abroad following the success of FullStack London. Join us and learn from the foremost experts in the js, node and IoT fields.

3D Printed Waffle

March 3, 2019

The inside joke of the ERRF2018 Waffle will live on!! I designed a 3D Printed waffle!

Creating a 3D Sewing Bodysuit Pattern using Clo3D Tutorial is HERE!!

February 18, 2019

Create digital patterns for your cosplay projects. This a basic tutorial using Clo3D on how to create a basic bodysuit using 3D sewing.


February 13, 2019

Can you find all the easter eggs?

Repkord Boss Pink PLA #Create4ACause

February 4, 2019

As if the #Create4aCause initiative wasn’t already awesome enough, our very own Amie DD has Doubled Down on the giving! For the month of February Amie has generously agreed to donate $10 per spool sold of RepRed, Purple Haze, and Boss Pink PLA to the NVM Women in Technology Scholarship she’s helping to promote along with the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX!

Sora 3D Printed Necklace Kingdom Hearts 3

January 29, 2019

I've waited 13 years for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, so what's another 30 minutes to wait for the game to download to my Xbox? I designed Sora's Necklace in Fusion 360 and I'm 3D Printing it now why I wait for the game to download!

SYFY Cosplay Feature - The Magicians

January 28, 2019

Wow! So excited Stef and I were features on SYFY's page for our Magicians Cosplay from Dragon Con 2018. The characters on The Magicians are very stylish, but they also have, well, magic at their disposal. If they want to glamour-up, they can do that.

The Magicians in Back tonight on SyFy!

January 24, 2019

All the High Queens and Kings of Fillory.

Women in STEM Scholarship through the National Videogame Museum

January 12, 2019

Hard to believe it's already the second year for the scholarship program for girls in STEM that I created through the National Videogame Museum

Candy Twist in Fusion 360 for 3D Printing

January 11, 2019

Took me way to long to figure out how to design this twist in Fusion 360 to look like licorice!

"You're Coding Tutorials are Shallow"

January 3, 2019

Got a nice little email from about sharing my code. These thoughts and opinions are my own. I was trying to find a platform that I could use for in-browser c# tutorials to embedded in my blog and tutorials, without the need of the user having to download software.

C# Incremental Operator

January 2, 2019

In C# the increment operator increases a integer's value by 1.