Amie DD, Amie Danielle Dansby
Amie DD resides in Seattle, Washington with a background in Game Programming and Simulation and started her career at Marvel Studios as the first female intern the video-game department at Marvel ever hired, working on Captain America, Thor, X-Men Destiny, she transitioned to Research and Development for development work on the Xbox and Playstation. She is a full time senior software engineer in the gaming industry at Microsoft and active in the maker, LEGO, hacker and cosplay communities, and continues to obsess over new technologies. She is no stranger to viewing the future, projects and the world for more than they could be. From her Tesla chip implant hack to being on LEGO Masters, she continues to push the boundaries of tech and doing something that hasn't been done, even when others didn’t always see her vision. The one thing that makes dreams impossible to achieve is the fear of failure. The adult that still play with LEGO and makes costumes. Working on cosplay costumes has helped her become a better programmer, teaching her to finish a project, and always better herself, and never be afraid to be a beginner. Amie started and fully funds a scholarship for girls in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) called the Dansby Scholarship for Girls in STEM through the National Videogame Museum located in Frisco, TX. Her custom 3D Printer filament color named, "Blood of My Enemies" in collaboration with Proto-Pasta contributes a percentage of the proceeds to the scholarship fund.
"I’m always learning and improving myself and skill-set and I see that passion isn’t a plan, it’s a feeling. And feelings change. You create your life by living it, and my life is more than a game." - Amie DD



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AmieDD Media Kit
AmieDD Media Kit
AmieDD LEGO Masters Fox
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AmieDD LEGO Masters Fox
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