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Some answers to questions everyone asks me.
AmieDD Commission Request Form

do you take commissions?

Short answer, yes, but my currently I'm booked until the end of October 2018 with travel, work and projects. To get on my waiting list please fill our my commission request form here.

what are those lego robot things you use?

LEDO Mindstorms! A LEGO programmable brick, motors and sensors.

I don't have a 3d printer, or know programming. how can i get started?

Check to see if you have a local Makerspace in your area. They offer free classes and have some of the most passionate helpful people I have ever met.

AmieDD 3D Printing Service 3D Hub

do you offer 3d printing services?

Yes! If you already have a 3D Print file you can upload your STL, OBJ, STEP or IGES file and get a quote from my 3D Hub shop directly here!

where are you from?

Dallas, Texas where I was born and raised, on the computer is where I spent most of my days.

can you get me a job at marvel?

Sure, let me just call my buddy real quick....Hey Stan....

is Amie DD your real name?

Yup! My initials are ADD, Amie Danielle Dansby = ADD, or Amie DD or AmieDoubleD, but ya it's my real name(thanks mom and dad hahaha).

AmieDD KiCad PCB

what software do you use to design PCB?

KiCad is a free cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite you can use to create schematics, PCB(printed circuit board)layouts.
Eagle is PBC design tool by Autodesk and is integrates with Fusion 360 seamless. Making custom PCBs for your 3D Printing part, has never been easier. Just use the right tools!

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