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3D Printing
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Galaxy 3D Print Tech Fashion Collab

April 8, 2021

Galaxy 3D Print Tech Fashion Collab with Kitty Yeung and Amie DD.

3D Printed Lightsaber Kill Key

March 2, 2021

3D Printed Lightsaber Kill Key switch for rechargeable port.

LEGO Masters Amie's 3D Printed LEGO Dress from Episode 1

March 10, 2020

How I made my dress that I wore on episode one on LEGO Masters Fox.

3D Printed Cosplay Bra Clip

September 2, 2018

I normally would use a safety pin for a quick converter for the back of my bra with my cosplay costumes....until the day my safety pin came undone and stabbed me in the back(literally). So time for a new solution. And I can print these bra converters in any color to match whatever cosplay costume I'm wearing!

Making Metal Cast from 3D Prints

August 6, 2018

Make easy metal pieces from your 3D Printed molds. I designed my model in Fusion360 and 3D Printed it the 2 part mold in resin on my Form2.

Cyberpunk 3D-Printed Fabric Light-Up Corset

September 1, 2018

There be dragons...well dragon 3D-printed spikes on fabric...close enough.