A Girls do you want to make video games or be a programmer?

Girls wanting to major in a STEM area of study can apply here before Apri 1, 2018. Scholarship for girls that want to make games National Videogame Museum

“ Scholarship for girls that want to make games National Videogame Museum"

How to apply

Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2018, and should be submitted to the e-mail address info@nvmusa.org. Please download the application here and follow the instructions included. Eligibility

The four scholarships are available to high school students on track to enroll in a four-year college or university for the Fall 2018 semester. Each scholarship has a separate eligibility requirement, and are as follows: Women in Technology: Videogame design and technology fields have traditionally been male-dominated. In an effort to bring more diversity to these fields, this scholarship will be awarded to the most qualified female applicant. It is open to female students across the U.S.

Additional eligibility requirements and information can be found on the application.