Dystopian Night City Cyberpunk

Casual cosplay for Dragon Con Friday Night! I 3D Printed the spikes on fabric with a translucent filament. I programmed Adafruit's Circuit Playground to light-up the noepixels when I shook my hips.

AmieDD Dystopian Night City Cyberpunk
AmieDD Cyberpunk2077 Cosplay DragonCon
Dragon Con 2018 Cyberpunk cosplay 3D Print

Amie's In-game Hints:

3D Printer: Ultimaker S5

3D Printing Filament: Ultimaker Transparent CPE

Electronics: Adafruit Circuit Playground


My Make Code: AmieDD_DragonCon2018 Make Code

Javascript Code:

AmieDD Cosplay DragonCon2018 code

Con: Dragon Con 2018

3D Printed Spike Designs: ShoreyDesigns

Photographer: UV Photography