LEGO Masters Episode 2 Space Smash - Planet Vulcania

LEGO Masters Episode 2 Space Smash
LEGO Masters Amie & Krystle - Planet Vulcania

I'm a little bummed that they didn't show our build much or tell the story behind our build. This was one of my FAVORITE episodes to film. We talked so much about sci-fi and what it means to us after we both lost our Mothers to breast cancer and were raised by our Mr. Moms. Our Fathers molded us into the AMAZING super nerds we are today. I was so excited to watch this episode with our Fathers. The build also had a beautiful glowing crystal cave in the back and 3D Printing concepts and engineering support for the build. The story we created with this build was so magical. Maybe one day they will release behind the scenes stuff so our Fathers will get to see us tell the world how truly thankful we are for being raised the way we were💙 #BestDads We are so grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity with LEGO Masters Fox building with Krystle Starr has been the best experience 💗
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Amie & Krystle LEGO Masters Fox Episode 2