Tesla Valet Chip ready to be Encapsulated!!

December 2, 2018

Thanks to Amal from VivoKey and Dangerous Things for helping make sure I get my chip encapsulate safely for my implant.

Cyborg Ring - Hackaday #supercon

November 20, 2018

Zach Fredin cyborg ring is a cordwood-style bit of blinky jewelry powered by an ATtiny85 and a pair of size 10 Zn-air (hearing aide) batteries.

Not Boring - Not a Flamethrower

November 21, 2018

My friends have all the fancy toys!

Tesla Bio Implant Hack Diaries

November 13, 2018

Tesla Hack Diaries: Prequel I've been working on my body implant Tesla hack for about 2 months, and I have had reservations about sharing my work, after discussing with a few friends and strangers about my project at #supercon last weekend I decided I would finally share my project progress. Thanks to Amal, Andy, Drew and Will for encouraging me that "all work sucks in the beginning" and I should just share my ramblings.