Tesla chip implant was a success!!

Tesla chip implant installed by Pineapple at Shaman Modifications in Dallas, TX

I didn't even cry! My year long Tesla Model 3 bio implant hack project wouldn’t be possible without Amal at vivokey encasing my chip implant in biopolymer and Pineapple to install it safely. My cyber punk upgrades are complete!

This is Pineapple(that’s his name)! He is the one that installed my Tesla Model 3 implant! He was amazing, detailed, explained all the steps to me. His studio was clean and sanitized. I was so nervous leading up to this, and he made the process so amazing!! And we geeked out about 3DPrinting
Thanks to my video wizard Howard for helping capture this adventure!

Videos will be up next week!

Also I will be at DefCon next week, if you're around and want to chat about this adventure ping me on twitter! @amiedoubled

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