thundernetes Allows You to Run Your Linux Game Servers on Your Kubernetes Cluster

We just shipped 0.1.0 of thundernetes at Microsoft! Thundernetes is our preview project that enables you to run Linux game servers on your kubernetes cluster. #gamedevelopment

Thundernetes is an preview project from the Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers (MPS) team that enables you to run Linux game servers that use the PlayFab Game Server SDK (GSDK) on your Kubernetes cluster. Thundernetes can be useful while developing your game server in the following scenarios:

  • validate your game server integration with GSDK
  • do manual allocations of game server sessions
  • as part of your iterative development process, you can use thundernetes to test your game server code before pushing it to the MPS service
  • as part of your CI/CD pipeline, you can publish the game server to a container registry and then have it deploy to a Kubernetes cluster where you can run your tests

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