Hack the Future - Animated Portrait by Rob Shields

The amazing Rob Shields created my new stickers and this AMAZING animated complex persona portrait. Obsession to details: Rob can draw me better than I can explain myself...

self rescuing, chip implanting, LEGO minifig head earrings, neon cybernetic life run off tech, code, LEGO, curiosity, hardware and obsessions.  

// Hello earthlings, this is my normal.

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AmieDD Sticker Pack

Neon Wasteland is an interactive story comic that is AR interactive with stories and hidden games, it keeps you coming in to look at details. I found myself spending 30 minutes investigating every page to find the easter-egg gems and unlock how his mind works to create this cyberpunk comic that is one that is like no other. READ IT, it's Augmented Reality interactive, this is the future according to Rob Shields, and it's the neon cyberpunk I want and need. I sent him a email telling him about my Tesla Model 3 chip implant hack I put in my body and what it is, how I think and what the future could be: Hack the future, I'm just living in this Neon Wasteland and it's the cyberpunk world I created.