ADDVulcan Satellite Hacking Virtual Machine

Open Source Satellite Hacking Virtual Machine

Space Security — When starting out learning something new, you go through the discovery phase researching, discovering applications and part procurement can be one of the most time consuming task when learning something new. The ADDVulcan satellite hacking team wanted to make the tools, applications and research for satellite hacking open to everyone.

DefCon28 Space Security Challenge

The collective Vulcan minds decide we would open-source our virtual machine with tools needed to help you get started understanding satellite communication, tools for orbital calculations, AAAA(astronomy, astrophysics, astrometry, astrodynamics), satellite bus, ground segment, communication systems, payload models, and all things satellite space. Learn, contribute.

Everyone starts out knowing nothing.

Getting started with ADDVulcan Virtual Machine for Satellite Hacking

Using Virtual Box, available on Windows, Mac or Linux, you can download our Satellite Virtual Machine setup with helpful tools to get you started. We recommend you also install the Virtual Box extension pack.

Download the ADDVulcan Satellite OVA Virtual Machine image and import into Virtual Box ADDVulcan-Hack-A-Sat.

Github Write-Up for 2020 Hack-A-Sat

For detailed write-up for satellite hacking challenge look through ADDVulcan public Github.