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Featured Builder - Amie DD

Twice a week leading up to Bricks Cascade 2020, we will feature a master builder and their creations! Today's featured builder is Amie DD, one half of The Unicorns, featured on LEGO MASTERS on FOX.

Amie and Krystle are part of The Unicorns and have already become a fan-favorite on the LEGO MASTERS show. Both hail from Dallas, Texas, and both will be attending Bricks Cascade 2020 as special guests!

Thank you, for sitting down with us, Amie! (We will feature Krystle on a future builder highlight!)

Name: Amie DD

Where you can find her:
Twitter -
Instagram -
Flickr -

How long have you been building with LEGO?

Since I was 2 years old.

Amie's whimsical costume shop

Did you ever go through a Dark Age, and what pulled you out of it?

I’ve never had a point in my life I haven’t built with LEGO. My mom homeschooled myself and my brothers and she used LEGO as teaching, engineering, history, and for play. LEGO has always been a therapeutic part of my life.

What do you draw your inspiration from?

Fandoms and costumes, I'm always inspired by what I'm reading, watching, or games I'm playing. I also have empathetic attachments to objects or machines from friends' homes or workshops. I love to create micro scales of things I see from memory and give them as gifts.

What do you find most challenging as a builder?

Time. I need a clone. Or a time machine.

What is your favorite LEGO theme (past or present) and why?

Indiana Jones Temple Escape (7263). I loved Indiana Jones as a kid and adult, and I even named my dog Indy. The Indiana Jones LEGO set was one of the sets that I remember was interactive just like the opening scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Complete with trap door and boulder chase!

Amie displaying her Death Star build

What can we expect to see from you at this year's Bricks Cascade convention?

I like to make my LEGO builds in an untradtional way and off the table. I'm making a LEGO wearable cosplay to wear for Bricks Cascade.

Amie displaying her LEGO wearables!

What is your favorite MOC to date?

I love my cyberpunk builds and wearable Mindstorms EV3 wings I've made.

Look closely - those shoe soles are filled with dozens of minifigure heads!

This is Bricks Cascade's 9th year.  Do you have any favorite Bricks Cascade memories?

This is my first year coming to Bricks Cascasde! Mark and Boone told us all about Bricks Cascade, and a lot of the cast decided we would all assemble together to head to Portland.

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Bricks Cascade 2020 will be held February 29th - March 1st, at the Oregon Convention Center.


If you've been to Bricks Cascade in the past, you may have already met Boone Langston and Mark Cruickshank. Boone and Mark are contestants on the greatest competition show ever built—LEGO MASTERS airs Wednesday 9/8c on FOX.