Margo Crown

Margo Cosplay Crown Tutorial

Painting & Gem Guide

1. Paint the Crown

I painted 2 coats with the
Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding, allowing to
dry completely in between each paint coat. I
did not use a clear or top coat because they
sometimes tend to dull metallic paints.

2. Glue the Gems/Stone

After the paint is
completely dry, glue the gems to the crown
with E600. Superglue can crack and become
brittle, that is why I used E600, because
when it’s dried it flexible.

3. Secure the Crown to Wear

Attach the crown
to hair or wig by wrapping the clear stretchy
string(included) around the back of the
crown, then loop bobby pin(included) onto
the string to attach to hair or wig.

Margo The Magicians Cosplay

Download Template
Things Used

Gold Leaf Paint

E6000 Clear Glue

Nylon hair paint brush (doesn’t show paint brush strokes with the liquid gilding paints)



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