Fate Atalanta Cosplay Stocking Shoe Covers

I used flat slip-on sneakers, I didn't want there to be any laces on the shoes since I was going to be putting stocking over the shoes.

Step 1: Grab your flat comfy shoes!

Paint any areas with HexFlex Black paint.

Black Tights over Shoes

I used flexible E600 to glue the tights to the outside edge of the shoes. After the E600 glue was dried I cut the bottom of the tights out on the heel and toe of the shoes, so I would have grip. You could alternatively use non-skid shoe rubber sole protectors.

Step 2: I stretched out the tights and ironed on my vinyl designs that cut out on my Cricut Maker.

Mark where your knee location is which painters tape(this will be helpful when you iron on your vinyl designs).

Step 3: Sewing the Knit Braided Elastic for the garter stocking

Pattern Design

I designed the detailed in Fusion360 and cut them out on my Cricut Maker in the Sports-Flex Iron On Vinyl. It's important to use the Sports-Flex Iron-On Vinyl, it's made for tech fabrics like polyester and nylon and stretchy materials like the tights.

Step 4: Iron-On your vinyl design

  1. Place the cut design on the tights with the shiny liner of the vinyl side up. Apply heat as instructed (you can check out the Cricut Heat Transfer Guide for temperature suggestion with your iron).
  2. Let the material complete cool before you remove the plastic liner backing


Download Template

Wiring and Schematics