Princess Hilda Powered by Arduino

I had my birthday party at the National Video Game Museum and everyone dressed up as their favorite video game character! I designed and 3D printed the parts, soldered some NeoPixels to an Arduino Gemma, wrote some quick code for the Neopixels using the Arduino IDE - and magic! Princess Hilda's staff from The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds had some extra glow. Neopixels make everything better!

“Neopixels make everything better!”

Hardware Choices

I decided to use an Arduino Gemma and Neopixel Ring for the lower part of the staff, and 2 Neopixel sticks and Gemma for the Triforce (top part of the staff). Both are small and great for wearables and cosplay props. I'm big on up-cycling of my electronics; I will scavenge parts from old projects and make something new!