"You're Coding Tutorials are Shallow"

You're creating shallow content
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Got a nice little email from Tech.io about sharing my code. These thoughts and opinions are my own.

Below was my reply email:
Howdy Thibaud!

Firstly I’m sorry if people were complaining about someone sharing code on a web-page where sharing code is the purpose. That’s unfortunate in the developer community, we should be encouraging not discouraging.

Tech.io has on their front page “Create bite-sized interactive tutorials called “playgrounds” to help others learn by doing.” So I was unaware that sharing coding tutorial examples was wrong.

After reading this article on Tech.io web-page, I don't understand what the issue is with my tutorial examples. “Community empowered. All content is hosted on Github repositories. What does that mean? Well, readers can make pull requests on the authors content in order to suggest improvements. We believe that the community can improve the quality of all content for the greater good. Also, we believe in giving credit to the original author as well as with the reviewers.”
“What kind of content can I create on Tech.io? You can create a one-page article that readers take a few minutes to read, or full scale tutorials with many lessons across several pages. Tech.io is very flexible and optimize the readers experience depending on the length of the content you create."
Reference: https://tech.io/blog/techio-welcome/

Reference: https://tech.io/blog/techio-welcome/

I don't need to quote your own company back to you, but I do feel everything you emailed me about, contradicts what Tech.io is trying to accomplish.

I was actually referred to Tech.io through a friend that works at Microsoft ( https://github.com/dotnet/try/blob/master/README.md ), they have Tech.io listed as interactive tutorials coding in your web browser.

I was trying to find a platform that I could use for in-browser c# tutorials to embedded in my blog and tutorials, without the need of the user having to download software. I was trying to keep all the operators and references simple and in separate projects. I definitely didn’t think they were shallow post, if I was attempting to explain a operator in a runnable project post. I also wasn’t aware they were a public/published if I was just using Github as my storage.

Once again I’m sorry if you feel that my tutorials are linking back to my site as spam. I’m not trying to tell anything, I’m just trying to share coding help to the people of the internet. My only goal, was to share interactive coding example and tutorials on my webpage and for people to be able to find other tutorials to learn and starting coding on their own.  https://www.amiedd.com/ramblings-of-a-unicorn/new-ways-to-share-code-tutorials-for-2019

You're reply is !helpful to your community by saying that my tutorials are crap,
“It seems to me that you're creating shallow content only to link back to your site. So I'm warning you that I'll delete all your near-empty playgrounds tomorrow.”
If I was a new developer this would be like someone saying, “Hey something is broken, some where. We need you to fix the bug, by the way you suck, we're just going to delete all your code and have the dog write it.” Could you tell me which of my 23 coding tutorials(with over 12,000 views)are “shallow” on Tech.io and unhelpful and against the community standards? Because when I started programming, I found that c# != operators were very helpful(see my tutorial reference) . C# Postfix, C# Prefix, C# Increment Operator, C# Operator Precedence Multiplication, Simple C# Template, C# [] Operator Array and indexers, C# *= Math Operators, C# > Operator, C# ++ Operator, C# Basic Integer Math, C# && Operator Reference, C# != Operator, React Project Browser, C# in your browser, PHP Project in your browser, Python in your Browser.

I started to write this email reply by quickly saying "Tech.io can just delete all my content, I don't want anything to do with a company discouraging people from writing and sharing their code"", but that doesn’t help anyone that is looking to share their coding content or learn coding concepts.
If you could please tell me how many complaints you received about me sharing my code on Tech.io, I would like to make a donation in their honor to the girls in STEM scholarship program that I created through the National Videogame Museum.

Why? Because I hope some good can come from this email reply, and conversations will be started about encouraging more people to get into tech.

Cheers to 2019! I hope more people share, improve, contribute to write code on Tech.io, repl.it and Try.NET! Here is to more encouraging and positive emails, and less emails about " 'I'm warning you' if you share more code, I'll delete it."

Sincerely that adult girl programmer that still plays with LEGO,

Amie Danielle Dansby
www.amiedd.com  PLEASE DON’T be offended my web-page is in my signature, *gasp* it might be back linking to my web-page!