Day 1

Day 1 will be spent updating your console and downloading games.

When you get a new console should be changed to "Day 1 will be spent updating your console and downloading games." Since you won't actually get to play any games until Day 2!  I preordered the Project Scorpio edition of the X that comes with 1TB of storage.

Xbox One X != 1TB of storage

After my console updated I was left with 780.8 GB of storage.

If you don't know. There are 1024MB in 1GB, 1000GB in 1TB. 

I wish consoles, mobile devices, and computers would advertise how much storage you actually have on your devices after the OS is installed.

Microsoft also has been advertising that the Scorpio Engine has 6 Teraflops, 326GB/s of memory! Wow 6 Teraflops, that's more than Doc Brown's automobile traveling time device.

‍A flop for a computer is the calculations the computer can complete per second. Computing power. TERA is trillion. 1 teraflop is a trillion of those calculations. You know those video games you play, well they involve math and lots of it, making computational speed important. 

You can get a new Xbox on Amazon.