Model 3

"Can I hack it?"

I'm an early adopter of new technologies, I mean hey I have a RFID/NFC transponder implant in my hand, which means I absolutely was one of the first to preorder a Tesla Model 3 last year. There seems to be a general lack of knowledge from the general population I've spoken with about Tesla's new flagship electric car. Tesla's Model 3 is $35,000 I was required to put down a $1000 deposit, my estimated delivery date is June or July 2018. The warranty on the battery is 8 years, 100,00 miles, the Long Range battery warranty is 8 years 120,000 miles, and you can charge it from a standard wall outlet. Can I hack it?


What I'm most excited for is the RFID to replace the car key, automatically authenticate charging stations and access to my Model 3. I'll be doing more research and documentation about writing data to my RFID transponder implant in my hand to work with my Model 3!

If you have any research or documentation RFID authentication about Tesla's Model 3 please send me a message or email( I would love to connect with others trying some projects with their Tesla's!

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