Strangers on a Plane

Adafruit Circut Playground
My flight to Australia was canceled on Sunday night, and all of us passengers had spent the past 13 hours together in the airport terminal. It was a long awful experience, but the airlines got everyone hotel rooms, taxis, and food. 
I went to the airport on Monday for the rescheduled flight, only for it to be canceled a second time. 
I was on the plane after the 3rd day, but the flight wasn't direct. I had to fly from Dallas to LAX, to Melbourne and then to Adelaide. I was behind and Hybrid World was great enough to schedule the workshops or me. After a long 18 hour flight(at least I was in first class this time), I was flying Melbourn to Adelaide for the last leg of the trip, a 1-hour flight.
On my flight to Adelaide I sat next to a stranger and we talked about how to get young girls interested in STEM. 
I just happened to have an Adafruit Industries Circuit Playground in my bag and gave it to him. His daughter used Make Code to make it play sounds and light up with movement!!! AND they came to Hybrid World Adelaide to show me what she made! This is what technology is all about. She was sooo excited to show me what made. AWESOME!! This warms my heart. I can’t wait to see what she grows up to make in the future. Thanks for inspiring me!
Hybrid World Adelaide