Porta Alchemica

While this “magic door” is famous to Romans, it is barely noticed by tourists visiting Rome. But in the central district of Piazza Vittorio, inside the park, the remains of an old villa reveal a Magic or Alchemist Door, a portal into the real and secretive world of 1600s alchemy.

The Alchemical Door or magic portal has wild cats that guard the gate which adds to the magic. Making it a magical portal to another galaxy.

Porta to another Galaxy Alchemica #amiedd

I seem to travel alone a lot for work these days which makes traveling an adventure. I always try to find strange places with interesting stories when I travel.

"Take all the pictures you want. You might never get another chance to visit."
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Porta Alchemica Rome
“Doors that lead to another galaxy...”
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Doors that lead to another galaxy

Amie's In Game Hint:
Free, but be warned the park you have to walk through to get to the Porta Alchemica is a bit sketchy.