Bocca della Verità

When in Rome! The Bocca della Verità is located at the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome. The face is made of marble stone. The legend told is that the face depicts a pagan god, Oceanus a sea god. You would place your hand at the mouth of the stone and tell a truth or a lie. If you were lying or untruthful magical axeman would chop off your hand.

I came back with all my body parts. So is it myth or is the old god gone from the stone for good?

Mouth of Truth Rome aka Old fashioned lie detector
Old fashioned lie detector in Rome
“Old-fashioned lie detector”

Amie's In-Game Hint:

Getting there:

 The Mouth of truth stone is located at the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church in Rome. The line is short and quick moving.



It's free to see, though most people leave a small donation, I left 2 Euros.