#FullStackCon 2017

We are a generation defined by our hobbies. IoT is changing how makers are innovating and creating applications. I’m will be sharing my thoughts on how makers, cosplay, LEGO, 3D printing, and video games can make you a better programmer, debug more efficiently and introduced you to new technologies. Makers are the original inventors, creators and thinkers of technology that exist today and are creating an impact for the future of IoT. The maker community is a lot like the developer community and I’ve found that a lot of makers and Engineers professionals overlap. They are both full of passionate people that love creating and improving. 

“We are a generation defined by our hobbies.”

The best thing about being part of the FullStack community is the community! Surrounded by passionate people that want to teach, and collaborate through shared learning. At FullStackCon, I most look forward to learning how other developers are solving application issues with IoT. I can’t wait to geek out with everyone at the conference about problem solving, programming and technology. I’m looking forward to the talk by Nick Hehr about latency with devices using our own routers. This is something that my company struggles with at demos and exhibitor shows when internet connection is needed, there are issues with channel frequency and the number of devices in a connected area. 

My keynote talk is for the passion people that find ways to improve everything, the problem solvers, everyone that ever said “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”, but they learned, asked questions and figured out how to do it, and improve it! Embracing failure as a way of learning and improving, and aren’t afraid to be a beginner. I think the most exciting development of the FullStack community over the next year is the range of conferences, speakers and workshops. There are speakers and workshop for UX, games, hardware, data sciences, IoT, machine learning and more. If you’re at FullStackCon come attend my keynote talk “Back to the Future: IoT Maker Revolution“. I’ll also be teaching a hands on IoT workshop. The program schedule is on Skills Matter. If you see me please say hi and tell me what you’re working on! See everyone soon!