Form 2 Model Orientation Print Lines

The layers aren't fine enough to resolve the slope. The solution was to re-orient the part at a steeper angle. I had print lines on this model only. It was designed in Fusion 360 and printed 0.1mm layer thickness in clear resin. I attempted to rotate the orientation of the model and I still would get print lines. I printed another STL files that was completely unrelated in the same clear resin and it had no issues. I thought maybe the issue was with the STL files, I attempted to reslice the model, and was still unsuccessful. Fortunately my LEGO-Boomstick-3DPrinting Wizard friend Sean gave me some pointers. He said that the print lines usally happen when printing a flat surface at too shallow an angle.  

“The solution was to re-orient the part at a steeper angle.”

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