Games Party of 'I can't draw'

“...if you need a really good stick figure drawing I can do it.”

The biggest advantage of finding contract work through Unity Beta was that our artist already worked with Unity. When we received our models and animations we were able to import them into our Unity project, with no issues. If you worked with an animator or modeler that wasn't familiar with Unity, you might have spent a lot more time trying to figure out what you needed to import into your project. We had a great experience finding an animator through the Unity Connect Beta program! Below is a video showing how easy it was to import the model with animation into our project and scene.

Finding an artist and animator through Unity Connect Beta from Amie DD on Vimeo.


The biggest issue we had was having artist and animators actually reply to our messages through Unity, you could see when the artist was last active on the account, some of them hadn't logged in to Unity Connect in months.  To be fair that was in Beta and now there are improvements they have implemented to showcase work, connect programmers with artist and animations.  Let me know if you hire through Unity, or get hired, I would love your feedback! Contact me at