Maker Christmas List - A Few of my Favorite Things - Best of 2018

My favorite tools are on Bare Conductive's Best of 2018 Christmas List . Definitely check out the article to read the full list from other makers, artist and creators about their favorite tools on the webpage.

As the gifting season approaches, so too might the looming fear of finding the best gift for your tech and gadget enthusiast friends. To give you some options (and hopefully, help!) we asked our technology, engineering and art friends for their Christmas wish list.

Now all you need to do is get through the list without making a shopping list for yourself!

Christmas Wish List – Best of 2018 - AmieDD
When she’s not creating fascinating cosplay costumes, Amie DD, loves creating projects using tech tools.

AmieDD Best solder sucker - Engineer SS02
AmieDD Maker Christmas List 2018

Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker

For all soldering enthusiasts, she recommends her favorite solder sucker, Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker The tip is a soft silicone, so doesn’t melt.

You can purchase from

Price $26 USD Free 2 day Prime shipping

You can also purchase from

Price $17.50 USD

Hobby Creek Helping Hands Third Hand Soldering Tool

As for accessories, she’s a fan of these bendable arms with clips, which hold items when soldering. Handy right?

  • Heavy Aluminum base for easy positioning
  • 2 pockets in Aluminum base to hold loose components
  • 4 Flexible 12" Arms
  • 4 Large alligator clips for various sized components and boards
  • 8 threaded sockets in base for more arms or a different configuration
  • Price: $34:95 USD

AmieDD Onion Omega 2+ Christmas List 2018

The Onion Omega 2+ Micro-controller board

- enables makers of all skill levels to build connected hardware applications. Once plugged in, it boots the operating system right away and can understand a variety of programming languages; Python, NodeJS, PHP. It can also be used with AWS, IBM Watson and Google Cloud.

Proto-Pasta Candy Apple Metallic Red

STEMTera LEGO Arduino Breadboard

Something for their next idea prototype? This Arduino compatible built-in breadboard works perfectly with Arduino shields and Lego bricks.

You can purchase from

Cost: $45 USD

Proto-Pasta Mettalic Candy Apple Red HTPLA Filament

For those who are into 3D printing, Amie recommends the Candy Apple Metallic Red HTPLA by Proto-Pasta. Oh yes, it’s red and sparkly – great for some Christmas creations.

You can purchase from


If you buy any these tools let me know what you think! There are some of my favorite tools I use all the time!

Twitter: @amiedoubled