Awake the Dead 3D Printed Coffin Charger Case

Awake the Dead 3D Printed Coffin Charger Case
You can download my design from Thingiverse.

I used this Poweradd USB 5000mah power bank from Amazon, it was $11.99 and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

There are 2 coffins to 3D Print, an inside and outside shell that slide into each other(see the video below).


Amie's In-Game Hint:

Awake the Dead 3D Printed Phone Charger case

Laser Cutter:

Glowforge Pro

3D Printer:



Formlabs Color Kit Resin

  • ‍Formula: I added 90mL of Magneta and 10ml of Cyan to get the Pink color.

Black 1/8" acrylic

AmieDD 3D Print and Laser Cut Phone Case Charger
Laser cut SVG File designed in Adobe Illustrator
Design Software:

Autodesk Fusion 360

Adobe Illustrator

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